The blue color in AZGH Collage Inc. stands for the four (4) Stoic virtues: wisdom. courage, justice and temperance. It also symbolizes peace and truth as one earned education. The white background represents brotherhood and equality strengthened by the two (3) stems of seven (7) leaves lying behind the base means nurture and growth. The growth can me personal and professional growth and development

Meanwhile, the two-headed snake in medicine symbolizes wisdom, freedom and autonomy. The six rays of the black sun stands for the alphabet of ZARATE acronym of six (6) Institutional Core Values: Zealousness, Adaptability, Responsibility, Achievement, Tenacity and Equality. While the color champagne background of the two-headed snake and the six (6) black petal flower vector symbolizes power, enlightenment, rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings. Power, enlightenment can mean in many aspects or realms of personal and professional growth. Rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings of innovative education system.